Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updated Content + More Content

Some of the new content people have paid for recently has been completed and activated.

First up, for the guys who enjoy more gentlemanly company, Frank has been updated to accept M/M fun... though he doesn't quite know it yet. (4 of the 6 open hours remaining)

Also, we have an update to Snow and the Wild Squirrels. Several new sex scenes, including an option to run away with Snow when the lustful squirrels become too much for you both.

As well, for those who missed in because of all the excitement, there's 9 new pieces of FS artwork in my FA gallery.

Update 3/23:
- We finally have some elf woman victory sex scenes, but you'll need to be persistent to get them. (2.5 hrs of the open 6 hours remaining)
- The content for the Aussie Pub and the kangaroos has been expanded, allowing the player to return there if they go inside. The returning delay and conditions exist because the pub provides food and drink to the player.

Updates from Shadowwolf94:
- Shadowwolf94's has sent me a couple of updates that I've put into effect. There is now victory sex for the Feral Wolf (all genders) and for the Bovine lasses (and the bull for cow players).