Monday, March 5, 2012

More Requests Completed + Big Update

Work on the requests we've received continue steadily, with more content coming frequently. Turnaround on these requests has been good, so check back often and keep the donations coming. Here's a quick list of the recent new content I've done to date:
- Sandra and Coleen interaction (requires any variation of the fully husky Coleen)
- New bee girl pet to be found in the Park. As a free bonus, she works with the Lovers Bench event.
- Frank, a new skunk friend, in the High Rise District. Now with endings and a third sex scene. Also, there's a little more sex added to Skunk creatures.
- You have the option to keep the huskybunny as a slutty pet at the end of the Hospital Quest, provided you don't have Susan at the lab.
- 3/8 - Nuku tagged me in and I wrestled with the Slut Rat upgrade for a bit. Still plenty more to do, but there's new sex to be had now. :)
- 3/9 - Das hawt German Victorisexens! Der Hund updaten. :)
I'll add new items this list as they're done until I place another such post.
- 3/20 - Christy repairs and updates. New content. See 3/20 post for details.

As a reminder, Nuku and I are taking requests for content to be added to the game. 15$ gets you an hour of work towards a feature of your choice. (More details in the blog entries below)

3/6 - TLC for the Dry Plains
I've completed an overhaul on the Dry Plains area, fleshing it out with 5 new creatures and a handful of events. As well, there is now an event (Apple Tree) required to activate the Mutant Centaurs for those who want to decide whether to include them or not. Most of their mechanics have not been touched, though they did get new endings.

Also, the Squid Girl from the multiplayer game has been translated over and is ready for company at the Beach area.