Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update: Hyper Horse Tentacles...

...just not all at once.

More new stuff coming your way, folks:

Hyper: For those of you who believe in more, more, more and bigger, bigger, bigger, we have some new multi- and hyper-themed feats for you. The fun feats are from Shadowwolf94 and the combat ones are from myself.

Horse: Poor Steven finally gets some relief thanks to Shadowwolf94. Visit him at the Warehouse/Junkyard for some fun.

Tentacles: And finally last and certainly not least by any count, we have a new plant friend to be made. She's off in the High Rise District, about to get in over her head. But be warned, helping her will not be easy and there'll be lots of tentacular fun. I used a little extra time from another request to include a game ending outcome (which that commissioner wants to see more of).

Shadowwolf94 has something else coming soon. And since our list is almost empty again, there's space for people to make more donation requests. If people want more, I'll keep writing more.