Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hard Mode v2.0 + Junkyard Update

We have implemented an update to Hard Mode which should substantially improve gameplay in this mode:
  • Weaker creatures now reliably gain levels to keep pace with the player.
  • Creatures now gain Dexterity at a slow rate for further balancing.
  • HP growth has been increased while damage growth has been reduced.
  • Monsters with variants/boss versions now improve as well.
  • Many boss variants have a greater rate of improvement.
3/14 Update:
- Feats:
The Natural Armaments and Tail Strike feats should work better, and *fingers crossed* no more errors and crashes. Squid infection bonus to Gas Cloud feat. More creature infections have been added to the valid list for Tail Strike and now shows on the Wiki.
- Junkyard: The junkyard has received a major update, with 5 new creatures and the Pit Bull moved there. The creatures will be added to the Wiki in short order. Several events were added to the junkyard as well. If you don't remember how to get there, start at the Abandoned Lot.