Monday, March 26, 2012

Lupine / Update / New Critter

We have more new and updated content coming your way, folks.

Stripes content:
We now have improved endings for the Latex Fox and Black Equinoid. Endings created for the Drone Wasp as well. The Black Equinoid also now has the potential for victory sex. (1.0 open hours remaining)

Thanks to a donation, we now have a rudimentary 'Feral Wolf' NPC... uhh... friend... pet... guy... err... wolf. Just fight a few of the wolves and see if you can find him.

As well as a pile of minor fixes and repairs, be sure to check my previous post for the additional content listed there.

3/26 - New beach creature who's just out to have some fun. Have a look and you should find her soon enough.

Shadowwolf94 content and message:
Back again and working on improving what's already in place, Shadowwolf94's been adding to the older content. We now have new victory sex content for the Feral Wolf, Bovine and Lizard Girl. He's also branching out and has made two small events, one with a hippo having a lazy time at the zoo and a second way to find meet Lisa the mousetaur at the RLD.

As well, he wants to ask you what monsters you'd like scenes for and what kinds of scenes. Also, are there any simple (or background) events that you might like to see added? This will help him build up a list of stuff to possibly work on. Respond in this thread to let him know.