Friday, September 9, 2011

Good morning!

Village Center
You stand in the middle of, what you hope, will become the vast hub of your future civilization. For now it is just a small bonfire for you and your kind. Wandering the village, you see your people number 10.

A clipboard is set near the fire. You are sure you can use it to assign jobs.

>assign 10 to farmer
You assign 5 workers to Farmer.

Job -- Workers Currently Assigned
Farmer -- 5/5

Hunter -- 0/5

Warrior -- 0/10

Unassigned Workers: 5
Type assign (number) to (job) to change the amount of workers in a job.

Foraging yields food: +5
New blue furred children are born, rapidly growing to ready adults: +2 Morale gain: 3

Jobs now have maximums. Farming and Hunting both depend on your diet(you're better at what you need to survive) and merits and how much space(territory) you have to work with.

4 land + 25% for eating plant/meat = 5 workers max.

This also means you can't support a million people on your starting land.