Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flexible Society

Is that a good name? Flexible Society, Flexible Tribes, Flexible Family?

Ok, so, the decision is cast! Now on to core mechanics.

I'm thinking a tribe should have the following stats:
Population: Simply, how many there are.
Military Preparedness: Percentage of population that could mobilize to violence.
Scientific Preparedness: Literature rate combined with amount of population willing to discover and learn on a scientific level.
Manufacturing Readiness: Percentage of population that could pick up a hammer or equivalent and get to building
Might: Basic ability of military unit to cause damage
Stamina: Basic ability of military unit to withstand damage
Intelligence: How good are your scientists?
Charm: How good are your diplomats and spies
Industrialization: How well you construct things
Infection Rate: How quickly are prisoners converted to your tribe
Mental Dominance: How much, or little, do converts retain after conversion
Sex: Does your strain have a male and female? Is it only one or the other? Hermaphrodites? Neuter?

Am I missing anything really obvious?

Aside from stats, tribes would have Traits, like merits.

Some would be innate, like if you're playing a tribe of Gryphons, you would start with Flight.

Others you could pick up during play, like First Aid Trained.

They would influence your stats and/or possible give you new actions. Like if you have flight, a unit may flee instead of being destroyed in a conflict. or Tolerant, which allows prisoners to contribute to population even while not converted.

Thoughts below!