Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get to work!

Ok, job system made. You can dynamically add jobs and make their appearance as complicated, or not, as you want.

For instance, I put two jobs in the system. Farmer, Hunter.

To unlock either, you can either have the merit(farming, hunting) OR, have it in your diet.

If you eat plants, you can farm.

If you eat meat, you can hunt.

Fair right? Of course, having both makes you even better at it.

Which reminds me, I need to make carnivorous farmers produce money instead of food.

Hunting is not coded yet, as in the actual yield from it.

You are now blessed with the mighty CLIPBOARD! So long as it's in reach, you can check your job assignments, see how many people are just lazing around, and put them directly to work.

Commands are simple.

Assign: See who's doing what.
Assign x to y: Assign x people to job y.

That's it.

Everything is written with later expansion in mind, so if someone wanted to write an extension that let your flexible society do basket weaving for profit, they could! Without a single line in the main file except 'include the awesome extension'.

Foraging was downgraded as I have a more concrete idea of the balance I want, and here it is:

A person farming will produce approximately enough to feed himself and one other every four days, assuming your people are hunger 50.
A person foraging will produce approximately enough to feed only himself every other day.

Leaving your people to forage will result in population crashes and potential game over, you will want some people farming and/or hunting.

Reproduction is now influenced by morale. Sad people fuck less. :(

So population crashes can result in a disheartened populace that does little to shore its numbers for a while. That's a bad thing.

Post your thoughts below!