Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Forth and Conquer

Ok, new job, Settler. No requirement. You send your folks out to find land, they find it. The more settlers, and the better your perception, the more chance of a territory point being found. Now the trick, any time you take over territory, you have to beat off the mutants already living there(Ooops!). Have warriors ready! They're better at fighting and you'll lose less of them in the effort. Stamina helps. Lost all your warriors? Don't panic yet. Your settlers will try to finish the fight. They're not as well trained as your warriors, but if you have enough, you'll win and claim your territory point! There are, at this time, 100 unclaimed territory points per game. Later, enemy societies will be claiming out of that same pool, robbing you of potential land(The fiends). Like? Bugs? Let me know! Comments below.