Sunday, October 14, 2018

Wahn Poll

The next patreon poll is here!
One from the man himself, Wahn. Vote for all the interesting options!

Spike: Adding Bad Alexandra's firstborn son as a player companion, complete with young thug mentality and multiple routes in which you can interact with him (as his leader, and sexually).

Breeding Alexandra: We've got cuckolding scenes with the dobie bitch, so why not add the reverse? You making her put out for different males, breeding some puppies in that bad dog.

Dr. Matt: Continued rewriting and expansion of the main quest, as well lore talk with Dr. Matt. Could also include scenes of you bringing pets along to give the good doctor 'samples' for his research.

Orthas: Continued rewriting and expansion of the existing content for our black dragoness, polishing up her scenes and giving more character to her.

If you are not already a patron, even $1/month is enough to get a vote and help grow the game.