Monday, April 30, 2018

New Vote

New vote! Sorry for being a day late, but it will get the same 7 days. Head on over to the Patreon and vote for all you like.

Add an anthro Unicorn enemy: There's been a sighting of a Unicorn in the Urban Forest. The rumours aren't clear, but you're sure you'll be able to find what you're looking for. Or maybe it will find you.

Update and expansion for Onyx: Onyx doesn't seem to make any friends once you bring them to the bunker. Wouldn't it be nice if they opened up more to the other residents of the bunker? Add interactions between Onyx and bunker NPCs, both sex and fluff scenes.

Add the Dildo Depot: The building looked worse for the wear but its interior appeared untouched. You enter a small room that has a few cabinets with labeled drawers, a section of floor covered in a black, rubber-looking material, and across the back wall there's a sign. In big, block letters you see the name for this curious place; The Dildo Depot.

Update and expansion for Steven: Steven's been cooped up for far too long in his junkyard hut, he needs to get out of the house. And maybe he can finally discover what's become of his son... but how will he recognize him now?

Plains Labyrinth: A strange construct has risen out of the tall grass of the Dry Plains. It seems to have drawn the attention of some Spartans from the University. You could lend a hand and explore the depths of this grassy labyrinth.