Sunday, April 8, 2018


First! Of the month that is. Let's get to voting!
More Hadiya Dom Content – Take things to the next level with the dominant

Hyena Mistress New Content for Lucifer the unruly stallion – Ever wonder how those mares came to be? Be careful what you wish for.

Gloryhole in the mall – Pleasuring or being pleasured in the mall bathrooms

Giantess Pet Sex Content – Enjoy intimate sessions with your giantess companion, but how best to please a woman her size?

New NPC’s Bella and Donna – Kick-ass Platinum Blondes with a twist (Includes Orthas story content)

Futa Content for Lilith in the Chapel – Fun with a modified demoness. Take or be taken?

And how about a second?

Remember, vote for ALL you like!
1. A Room for Randall and Brad plus a sex scene or two.
2. More events for Tomas, Spike and Jeremy the trio in the Mall.
3. More events for Jenna the female wolverine, not sexual but moreso to get to know the woman.
4. Random events at the male dorms bringing a bit more life to it