Sunday, April 22, 2018

Crimsonash Vote

Cast your will! Vote for all you like.

Female Feral Mutt Enemy NPC: Add the female version of the feral mutt. This horny bitch is on the prowl for potential studs to breed her, will you match up?

Squirrel Men Enemy NPC: These diminutive, two foot tall squirrel men have been running amok the forest, confront they’re adorable faces at your own peril.

The Amazon Outcast NPC: Thrown out of the museum for defying the amazon traditions, Maya now lives as an outcast in the city, will this herm be friend, or foe?

Queen Cobra Unique Enemy NPC: Meet the queen cobra, a half-snake, half-woman hybrid with a powerful aphrodisiac laced venom that incapacitates its victims and a deadly tail that can crush or hold the strongest of prey. Meet, fight, sex and fraternize with this sexy snek lady.

Zoo Events: Add a handful of new events to the Zoo, new items, more loot, and maybe a sex scene or two for voyeurs.