Thursday, February 20, 2014

Memoirs of the Survivors

A contest! I want you to write about your experiences in the Flexible Survival universe, from the viewpoint of your character. Stories should be 2,000-40,000 words, written in the first person, preferably in the form of their scribbling in that ever faithful journal, though this doesn't have to be explicitly confirmed.

Rating can be from G to XXX and should be posted to the forum and emailed to me at You have 30 days to send yours in. After that, we will select the one we like the best. Winner gets 3 hours of time to the project of their choice with the author of their choice, paid for by me. Two runner ups will get the Flexible Survival novel, and one novella from the FS series of their choice in the ebook format of their choice(Given in the form of a gift from

Legalese: Anything submitted becomes property of Silver Games LLC, to be used, re used, modified, or otherwise done with as they please.

Have fun with it!