Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dragonpalooza 2: The Wyverning

Greetings, my salacious... Er... Supplicants! Blue Bishop here! I have returned from the shadows to offer you an early sample of my latest project, right on Valenti--wait, I missed it? Curses! Ah, such is the fate of those who have their projects explode on them in the final hours...

In any case, I bring you the first part of Dragonpalooza 2. The project still has a ways to go, but since the Wyvern is ready I feel it's worthwhile to give you at least something in the interim. The exact changes are as followed:

  • All original player loss content has been overhauled. The wyvern was the last monster I worked on way back in the original Dragonpalooza and it shows, as it feels a bit under-written. All the original sex scenes have been cleaned and beefed up. The exception is the Vore scene for the male Wyvern, which has been completely replaced with a scene that adheres to Bound State rules. Unlike the Sierrasaur, though, this beast's intent is a lot more straightforward.
    • The UB scene for the female (or TBM male) Wyvern remains largely unchanged; however, players who subject themselves to it too often will be in for a naughty surprise.
  • Now with Vore/UB Adjust in the game, the Wyvern's priorities have shifted. At normal the Wyvern is now only very likely to perform their appropriate action, while more makes it guaranteed and less removes them. In addition, more vore will cause female wyverns to frequently perform the act. Subsequently, all of the wyvern's sex content has been reframed for all player scales.
  • The Wyvern now has a fairly sizeable selection of player victory content. Note that, because of the way early combat is framed for this monster, you'll need to be level 20 before you'll get these scenes, as it's the point where you face them directly.
    • Players with the "Dominant" feat ignore the libido requirement for the options to become available.
  • Hunting for the Wyvern while one or both genders are warded now causes a prompt when encountering them, requesting your exact bias for the monster. Don't care for female encounters except for the Wyvern? You can now adjust for that!

Ah, but that's not all, I have a couple other, unrelated treats for you:

  • The Feral flag is now active, allowing for the banning of Feral beasts, like the Wyvern or the Feral Wolf. The Feral Sea Dragon/ess was also moved from its furry ban to here, where it's more appropriate. 
    • Note, this is a very early build of the system, which means it's not entirely comprehensive, and may potentially break some quests. Report any issues that you find.
  • A new fun feat has been added: Ultimatum. Tired of constant fun feat requests when your character is exactly the way you want them? This feat removes eligibility for any more fun feats, and grants you bonus points at game end.

And that's it for now! Hopefully this small taste has sufficiently whet your appetite for what is to come. Happy hunting!