Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bonus Hours & Requests Pt 2

Thanks in part to the D6 drive, we've had our best month in a long time, with a total of 11 bonus hours earned.  Our thanks to all the donators and a special thanks to Alexandra for sponsoring the event.  We'll be sharing around the bonus hours between us to keep it from overloading any one dev's workload.  Wahn has offered up a list of possible options for you guys to pick from.  As for the other time, I'd like you all to make suggestions of your own in the comments.  This can be for brand new ideas or improvements onto existing stuff.  Just let us know what you'd like and Blue Bishop and I will pick from them.

EDIT: Again, Wahn's voting poll is up HERE.

More of the request content has been created since our last update, so here's the new additions:

Megakitty: After encountering a few of the Margay at the State Fair, you'll be advised that the Megakitty has taken an interest in you, adding her to the creature table.
Leonard: Three new den events, two plot driven and one repeatable have been added to the post-quest content.  The first among them has the player receiving a special - and very useful - gift.  The second is an extensive scene involving a new recruit.  The third (repeatable) has the player walking in on Leonard with another pride girl already in his lap and has a few different variations.
Phi Iota Gamma: Some initial content's been added for when you visit the piggy frat after your initiation.

Helen and Ares: More content for this pair of cute doggies, including a kinky walk in the park.
Orcs: There's an Orcish Slave Raid occurring in the Warehouse District, potentially dumping the captured player in the heart of the Orc Lair.
Philip: Another variant scene while wrestling the big pig.
Snowmeows: An event involving Soldiers & Snowmeows can be found in the Red Light District.

Writer For Hire update:
  • D6: Varied F (5.5/11)
  • D6: New F NPC (4.5/10)
  • D6: Athanasia+ (3.5/14) 
  • Margay (3.75/5)
  • Alexandra (0/10) 
  • Otter NPC (0/4)
  • Orc Lair Sex/Gangbang (0/4) - Wahn
  • Zigor Gangbang - (0/2)
  • More M/M - (0/4)
  • Bonus Hours - TBD (0/11)