Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Content Update

Hi, Wahn here with the content news. So let's get everyone up to date:

There's a new sexy otter in the Palomino - this pretty-boy dancer is looking to have some fun with male players, up to and including a threesome with Andrew the wolf. 
Bubble, the inflatable vixen, can now be rescued from the Bouncy Castle and brought back to the library. She's got a collection of sexy scenes, including the option to in/deflate her.
After the player inadvertently gives her an infectious present, she'll now start transforming. How shall you choose to start helping her through this?
An additional loss scene for the super-sized Margay has been added. 
More Graphics:
Stripes has put some more artwork in the game, commissions by himself and fanart too. My thanks to him and the artists. 
Tweaks and Fixes:
Quite a few of these, all over the place, thanks to the code-tiger's diligent work.

Expanding on the farm npcs won in the poll for my part of the January bonus hours, so now Corbin can be impregnated and/or fucked in 'public' (in the barracks, revealing his secret) - both of which lead to a confrontation with the horseman workers in which the player can either stand back and watch them make the cowboy the barracks slut, or knock some heads to beat sense into them. Additional new content consists of Anthony asking the player to help out Duke and Shawn - with the possibility of some anteater-tongue oral action as a reward - as well as an additional scene in Duke's sex menu where the German Shepherd fucks the player's ass.
Orc Lair:
Lots of new content here, thanks to a very generous donator. After losing to (or submitting) to three orc brothers in their Orcish Slave Raid in the warehouse district, you'll need to escape from a cell in the orc lair. Several sex scenes in the cell, and after escaping you can observe other hot scenes and happenings inside the lair and run into orcs on your way out. A fast-travel point at the side entrance allows you to return later on. All scenes do have an extra variant for submissive players btw.
Carl & Helen:
There's a new walk-in event in the library with the husky soldier, with the player's options being to allow him some sexy time with their human doggie, or deny it. 
Catgirl + Elven Hunter Improvements:
Thanks to the very helpful reviews and feedback by ViralParadox, these two infections now have improved, slightly expanded scenes - and less typos too. 
More Graphics:
I've put in several more images myself (Andre, Anthony, Mike, Goo Girl, ...) and there are others in development. Btw - I fund these through my writer for hire projects, so if you commission some writing from me, that will eventually result in more artwork.

As seen in his own post down below, Bishop has quite a few new surprises in store for us. Very nice work, BB :)

Writer for Hire:
- D6: New F NPC (7.25/10) - Stripes
- D6: Athanasia+ (3.5/14) - Stripes
- Alexandra (0/10) - Stripes
- Zigor Gangbang - (0/2) - Stripes
- More M/M - (0/4) - Stripes
- Bonus Hours - TBD (8/11) - Stripes & BlueBishop
- Dominant scenes - (0/6) - Stripes

As you can see, I'm currently completely free - so if you want to commission some new sexy content and have it worked on immediately, just contact me through the forum (or Nuku, who'll pass along mails) and we can talk about things.