Monday, April 1, 2013

Lots of Stuff

We've got another big batch of content to announce.

From Stripes: 
Icarus: He's up and ready to go with plenty of scenes of your little prey birdie who likes it rough.
Vore: 'Safe Appetite' feat added (requires 'Iron Stomach') to keep you from becoming infected when you consume your prey.  Also, several more vore scenes have been added.
Alexandra: Added a scene between the Doberwoman and Sarah.  It'll randomly show up in the bunker if they've both had a few litters of pups.
Bouncy Castle: Some significant remodelling of the layout, especially of the second floor in anticipation of additional content to come.
Sam: More dracovixentaur content, additional sex scenes.  There will also be a sex menu to choose how you want to play with her after she's advanced past a certain point.
Something Special: There's a new critter running around for you all to enjoy.  Just go looking around and you should come across it soon enough.  I went all out on this one.  There's loads of little details to it.

From Wahn: 
Demon Brute: A quest to allow you to capture one of those demons that keep getting away and turn it into your slave.

From UrsaOmega:
Feral Gryphon: This large gryphon critter can be found at the Museum.

From GentlemanB:
Fire Sprite: A new critter for the Capitol Bldg area.  Players with this infection can get a special scene with the Fire Elemental.