Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Content and Delays

Despite the lack of announcements about it, there's been a lot of new content coming in under the radar.  With all my computer troubles, I kept putting off an announcement while trying to get one last addition made, but forgot there was already a lot already there.  Here's a quick list of all the new stuff that's come out.

Feline Gymnast: SomeFur has come along and created this kitty for the Campus area.
Friendship Pony: With April Fool's past, these parody ponies have been confined to the State Fair.
Drop Items: The City Sprites and Mental Mice now have drop items.

Karen: More expansion upon her quest once freed from Rex.
Jennifer: New conversation and sex scene adjustments once the player's the team manager.
Helen/Xerxes: Sex scene adjustments for their awesome version, including a new 69 option.
François: New cooking mechanic where he'll convert ingredients into new, interesting and even potentially useful culinary delights.  The first set of these recipes is active and there's more to come.
Kara: A sex scene with the submissive hyena for Hyena players.
Felix: Accessible via Thomas the Centaur, this new NPC has a lot of conversation and sex options.

Wild Womb: A new perk to have your children go feral rather than accompany you.
Anime Club: A new event for the Campus which includes a tentacular, one-time critter.
Zephyr: Discounted prices at the Zephyr store on all items.
Description Tweak: Your description will now be adjusted if you have internal/external balls.
Trevor Labs: The first few events for expanding the area under Trevor Labs have been added.  More to come.

I've still not been able to fully resolve my issues in the wake of my computer's death, but I will be using my laptop as a backup for actual compiling attempts.  This will require some added finagling, but I've got a few updates all partially done, so I hope to start getting caught up soon.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bouncy Castle (6.5/9)
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/11)
  • Bonus Hours - Secure Area (3.5/13)