Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Tiger Update

Here's another update on my status.  The new computer is complete and the wrestling with Windows 7 has been going slow.  There's been a few hurdles getting Inform 7 to run and compile the program, so I'll need to try tackling that again tomorrow before I can resume actual work.  My plan is to try dealing with that again this evening and, if successful, I can get back to writing.  For those with requests, I apologize for the unforeseen delays this has caused.

EDIT: Update 7am 4/16 - Finally gotten the current version of the game to compile.  I can now try incorporating my recent work back into it and starting new work.  Updates from me should resume over the next few days.

EDIT 2: Update 10:30pm 4/16 - Spoke too soon.  Something strange is still going on and I'm not sure how to correct it at this point.  I'll have to try using my old laptop for FS work for the moment.