Friday, November 25, 2011

This is a Test of the Tiger Broadcasting System

This is only a test.

Well, not quite. There have been some updates done. The main one is a new character by Sarokcat. There is a new lovely lady out there who's tired of all the girly boys around and she's wondering if you'd be willing to keep her company... provided you can show you're interested in more than just a quick bang.

Ending scenes: Boring7 provided a collection of ending interactions for the Raccoonboi based on having other NPCs saved and I added a few more to that. Proper gender-specific endings for the gryphoness pet+Timothy survivors have been created as well. German shepherd endings have been properly restored.

Philip's been dusted off and some more sex for the guys has been added, as well as a few bugs have been ironed out. Full piggification and piglets are now possible as well.

Lots of little things as well, such as combat updates, a new critter in the museum a couple of days ago and more stuff at the Stables by Sarokcat, in case you hadn't noticed.

That about covers it, I think. Return to your lives, citizens. Your horny, perverted lives. ;)