Monday, May 6, 2019

FS News - April 2019

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for April 2019.



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Ace: The Osprey former pilot involved with cuckoos has been fleshed out with a location, some sex scenes, and interactions with Snow and Vanessa
Alexandra Refugee Fix: The refugees from the police station should now be able to be brought in more reliably.
Army Ants: The ants in the park have grown to frightful sizes all of a sudden, so now you can run into army ant warriors there.
Brutus & David: The romance between these two unlikely lovers now has an option for the player bringing up a three-way arrangement, for more inclusion of everyone.
Brutus+Skarnoth: A new scene can be encountered involving both hellspawn, as long as you have subby Skarnoth and your active pet is Evil Brutus. This event will be the first in creating a route for those that want to keep evil Brutus rather than purifying him.
Chase: A nice portrait image for the tiger has been installed and will now come up in some discussions with him.
Chris & Malik: There's now special birthing scenes for offspring with Chris, and your sons will flock to him to form a separate little orc tribe. Your firstborn, Malik, will also have special scenes where he works out with his chief and possibly yourself.
Frost Drake: The frost drake has gained a talk menu as well as a sex menu, with various new scenes for you to explore.
Gabriel: Training Gabriel to be a cumslut can now lead to him craving it so much that he'll start blowing you off in your sleep - if you don't feed him daily, that is. Also, he and David have started talking with each other, leading to some need for discussion with the player.
Horus: Finish up the long quest the Sun God sent you on and free the victim with the cure you've acquired, gaining access to a new npc with fun time with Horus and the new guy
Hypnogeeks: The original event has been upgraded to give all three characters involved more personality, and if you lose and have been zapped, then a brand new series of flashback will begin to take place afterwards.
Jaguar Warrior: Some gender confusion by the jaguar headdress has been cleared up, making people who wear it shift towards having both genders rather than nullifying it.
Kitsune: The player can now dominate the kitsune by having him service them or ride the fox.
Lux & Umbra: When the two wolves enter or leave a room that the player is in, there should now be a notification.
Poseidon: Go on a date with the Atlantean King who proposed to you, unlocking a lovely intimate scene with him
Ranae: You can now find two more luxury items for the spoiled frog. Ranae is also able to do anal vore, and if you spoil her enough, you can see a different bound state ending.
Serafino: The Atlantis Spa is now open, run by Serafino the Vermilion Phoenix. He'll happily take any blue gel for now for a massage though fair warning, he does love to get intimate during these sessions.
Sheng: The Atlantis Alchemy Shop is open now, run by Sheng, a white tiger with a nobility-like attitude. He sells potions that can transform you into other infections for the price of 2 demon seed. That's not all, there's rumors that Sheng is looking for an intimate pet...
Spike: Your trusty doberman companion has gotten new scenes, both repeats for fucking him, as well as for him spending some time with a female player (the latter one so far just for his original persona).
Stable Fixes: Hunting in the Stables had been fixed, and the giraffe enemy should be able to be found again.
Sven: The kitty has gotten some pictures to show off his fluffy, spotted body.
Val: There are now some additional notices for the player so they do not miss Val giving birth to Chris.


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FS Artwork

Here is an example of the new ingame artwork, showing the Chase the tiger: