Monday, April 8, 2019

FS News - March 2019

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for March 2019.



For those who want to support further development of Flexible Survival, we do have a Patreon set up. Reward options include voting on polls for choosing content additions every week, as well as character artwork or even a private project each month.


Alexandra Breeding: Having the doberwoman knocked up again and again by (evil) Brutus will now lead to her starting to like his rough ways, changing her future scenes to be more eager with him from then on.
Bunker + Library Map: We got all new isometric maps for the bunker, Grey Abbey Library and the upper floor too. These new maps will highlight the room you are in and allow everyone to find their way through the building much more easily.
Cheetah Woman: The lovely spotted ladies in the zoo now have all new scenes for a victorious player to enjoy after a little tussle with them.
Gina: Our friendly hyena gang recruiter has gotten a face to her name, presenting a grinning greeting to any hopeful newbie.
Grant: The leader of the hyena biker gang now has some snazzy graphics too, showing off his hunky looks and leather jacket.
Herm Hyenas: The hyena gang now comes with artwork. These busty girls are ready to jump your bones and do readily present the hard dick between their legs.
J'Reth: There is the potential to meet a new person in the mall. Just be careful where you walk in the food court.
Magic Drake: Further content along the drake's bigger and better loss path, including a new scene.
Ranae: There's a new small event where you can find another gift to spoil the frog with. Ranae also has a new oral vore bound state, and don't worry, she'll let you out if things get too dangerous... maybe. More content to come soon.
Tehuantl Artwork: New head shots for male and female Tehuantl have been added to the game, giving our sexy jaguarman/woman an attractive new visual to go with their written content.
Virginity Tracking Fix: As we're slowly implementing this new system for all of the npcs in the game, a little bug had found its way in. Now there won't be 'penile' virginity for females anymore.
Zoe Fix: The endless wait to fuck her is over now, after a little bugfix in the variable tracking her readyness for sex.


Recruitment Drive

If you do want to join up and contribute writing, editing, programming or artwork, please do visit the FS Discord here and contact me.

Writer for Hire / Commissions


Thanks to our new and greatly increased number of writers, we are even more ready than before to fulfill any wishes for new content specific to your desires. If you are interested in commissioning us, please do contact me on the FS Discord - then we can find the right writer for your project. The going rate for hired writing is 15$/hour.

FS Artwork

Here are some examples of the new ingame artwork, showing the Hyena recruiter Gina as well as Tehuantl (male and female):