Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tin Can Vote

Time for  another vote over on the Patreon, so get on over there and cast you decision. you can vote for as many as you like.

Human Kristen: We know what happens when Kristen receives her duplicitous gift from her dear friend Janice, now lets explore what it'd be like for her to retain her humanity.  Expands on the human Krristen route including a quest to try and boost her immunity to the changes as well as see her pop by the library every so often. 

Church and Hellhound Pact: After being changed into a hellhound bitch your new masters have a task for you, though it's your choice on how to carry it out.  Expansion of the Church of the Maternal Beast and the Hellhound Quest that goes along with it.

Sailing Sea Otter: Naomi, a raunchy sailor has parked her boat on the Northern Docks of the Warehouse District and made it her new home. Words been spreading that she's procured goods from all around the area, though it'll take some convincing to get her to share.  Introduces a sassy otter for the player to encounter, complete with sex scenes and a quest or two.

Tattoo Parlor and Kara: Kara's tattoo parlor is starting to get more popular among the transformed.  And along with the new business she's got new tattoo and piercings for you to try out!  Update to Kara and the tattoo parlor, Kara will correctly respond to you rank in the Hyena Gang and offer a greater array of pertinent tattoos and piercings.