Sunday, November 11, 2018

Prometheus Poll

We have a ton of new content going up, but why not more? Vote for all that pleases you.

    1. Children: The first born of NPCs should be of greater note rather than generic children. Focus would start on Fang and Sven, with the first child they father with the player being treated as an NPC that can follow the player like a pet but can be found in the library, similar in behaviour to Ryousei and Korvin. In future may include their children with other characters too.

    2. Otto Fuchs: The good doctor has a problem that may require the players help. He wants a large enough room in the Green Apartments for him to set up a working medical practice, but the apartment he has his eye on has an infestation of creatures. Content will focus on giving the doctor a room along with the benefits he may be able to provide to you and others.

    3. Sylvia: The border collie student has (yet) another thing she would like your help with. Interested in the potential of magic, she is searching for a certain item for Nermine to exchange for a book. Aid her and she shall surely share some benefits, though things may not go according to plan. Content may include demons and magical mishaps.

    4. Blanche: Further content for Blanche such as meeting her wandering the city accompanied by her children. One of them may wish to join the player to in an attempt to gain some independence. Depending on the player's decisions, this may lead to them staying at the library or returning to protect their mother.