Sunday, August 5, 2018

Did someone say polls?

Luneth Poll: Vote for all the options that intrigue you!

*The True Heir To The Tiger Den: Opens up a special pregnancy route with Dom-Chase, which will add two new NPC’s to the Tiger Den. The twins, Indraa and Rohill. This will also be the first step in the new player pregnancy mechanic via NPC’s. Eventually as the content goes further you will also be able to choose which twin will join you on your journey.

*War Slave: Dom-Chase has a new mission for you, the tigertaurs are approaching his borders again and he wants you to help him send a message. That message will be in the form of a tigertaur war slave. The tigertaur in question is Catea, the same one that led the earlier assault. Depending on how you handle this, you may end up with a herm, male, or female war slave. Maybe you will also be able to acquire a battle mount of your own.

*Special M/F Route for Chase: A way for females to be able to get Dom-Chase without the need for the Mpreg feat. This will also lead to a completely separate quest line involving Chase’s rise to power.

*Allies From The Past: Another new sidequest in which Chase will ask you to go and inspect his old home and find out what happened to the only friends he had growing up. This quest will lead to a new dungeon as you attempt to rescue his recently altered dog, cat, and rabbit. If you are successful, the Tiger Den maybe gain three new NPC’s and a way to continue your pet training.

*Somnophilic Dreams: Create a new sleep cycle for the Tiger Den. This will also add sleeping quarters for the NPC’s that live there. Once implemented players will be able to mess around will sleeping NPC’s with varied effects, while some might be into others may end up a bit freaked out. 

*Fleshing Out: This option will have me working on further progressing on past winning projects. This will include the Library Expansion, Black Market, and Library interactions. While these are being worked on regardless, it will give me guaranteed hours to put into them.

And one from Prometheus:

Vote for as many as you like!

1. Blanche: Further content for Blanche such as meeting her wandering the city accompanied by her children. One of them may wish to join the player to in an attempt to gain some independence. Depending on the player's decisions, this may lead to them staying at the library or returning to protect their mother.

2. Children: The first born of NPCs should be of greater note rather than generic children. Focus would start on Fang and Sven, with the first child they father with the player being treated as an NPC that can follow the player like a pet but can be found in the library, similar in behaviour to Ryousei and Korvin. In future may include their children with other characters too.

 3. The Pack: Calling themselves The Pack, the group led by the Den Mother and Pack Alpha is made up of more than wolves. The two otherworldly leaders aim to give sanctuary to those who cannot defend themselves but currently don't have the resources or numbers to do much for the residents of the city. The player may be able to help them with finding a reliable source of food and water as well as people who can help with non-combat tasks.

4. Otto Fuchs: The good doctor has a problem that may require the players help. He wants a large enough room in the Green Apartments for him to set up a working medical practice, but the apartment he has his eye on has an infestation of creatures. Content will focus on giving the doctor a room along with the benefits he may be able to provide to you and others.

Thank you all for your support. If you aren't already, head over to the patreon to hop in and vote!