Sunday, July 8, 2018

Double Poll

-Tigress Hooker Motel: Add the tigress hooker motel to the red light district, along with the sex scenes you might expect when hiring a horny, dual-equipped tigress to pleasure you. You may encounter this location separate from encountering sergeant Marks. 

-Add a unique ogress enemy to the urban forest to encounter and be dominated by... unless you can make this big, strong beauty submit. And depending on if you've dominated or submitted to her, unique scenes and encounters will follow.

-More thunderbolt and lioness sisters content. More glorious sex scenes with this equine mascot and his feline caretakers. As well as a unique quest to rescue Thunderbolt from a female frat house!

-Encounter Ruby, the furred dragon hybrid near the capital. This feisty, burning hot lady isn't initially the most friendly of mutants but who knows! Maybe if you calm her down and get her talking you can get to know her distressing history, and comfort her on it.

And Kernog:
- The Rubber Tent: a new location at the State Fair, with sex machine and bondage themed minigames - Facehugger nest: a generous cache of supplies await you in the Capitol. But it is well-guarded, so beware - Juggernaut: a massive humanoid abomination, formerly kept captive in the Underground Labs - Hot Dog Eating Competition: try to gobble as much meat as possible, and win the first prize. Try not to choke on the thick sauce. - Zoe Extension: extension of Zoe's quest chain