Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wahn Poll

A rare treat! Our master of smut comes forth with a poll for your voting pleasure! As usual, vote for all the options you would be happy to see, not just your favorites.

Bad Alexandra Puppy Mill (order your bitch to put out for the males in the library)
Garth's Settlement (support Garth in gathering more friends and start a settlement)
Katya and the Slavers (run into centaur slavers, together with Katya the orc)
Male Tehuantl Expansion (more backstory, talk and events with Tehuantl)
Mike the stag Expansion (new quest/events/talk options)
Ryousei Interactions & Sex (more fun with the royal tiger)
Satyr Frat Expansion (an expansion of things to do at the party, and with Talov and Kerr)
Sexing up Gabriel + Events (more fun to do with your angel slave)
Skarnoth Expansion (more fun to do with your demon slave)

Head on over to the patreon and vote!