Sunday, February 25, 2018

Double Poll!

We hit the goal! That means two polls are going up this week so we get our five polls this month! Thanks everyone for helping us get there. Vote for all the options you like.
1. Charlotte, a spider whom has lost her sight but 'sees' using the sensitivity of the hair on her body.

2. Doctor Otto Fuchs, a doctor whom actually wants to help people, and his assistant Genevieve. No tricks or fine print.

3. Inari, a female Kitsune that enjoys mischief against the powerful, but protects the vulnerable. Also has really fluffy tails.

4. Rose, a shy botanist whom has begun to transform into a plant. Shy, but very protective of the flora in the city.

Here's the second half of the double poll! Liam, nerdy elf who is more than happy to offer archery lessons. A tanuki enemy, looking to show off the benefits of his new form. Audrey, a dominant centaur shemale just waiting for a new plaything. A new dire wolf enemy stalking prey in parts of the city.