Sunday, February 4, 2018

CrimsonAsh Poll

There's a slot available to get your own, personal, 8 hours of content added each month. Grab that up before it's gone! Meanwhile, a poll, let's do one of those!

*Male Drakes have begun emerging from the crater near the capital and have been on the search for prey...

*Meet Felicity, a dark elf dominatrix whose packing extra for you, submit to your new mistress or try to fight, either way it’s just as fun to her.

*Thunderbolt and Lioness sisters expansion, more dialogue, events and maybe a scene or two with our favorite mascot and care takers!

*The Blue Oni, a new enemy and female version of the Red Oni, this intimidating demoness can be found wandering the capital. (no need to have released the Red Oni)

*Add the Warrioress enemy to the game, this brave fully armored lass is searching for foes to challenge and prove herself the better against!