Sunday, January 17, 2016

And We're Back!!!

Good news, everyone!  Flexible Survival is back and fully running once again.  Nearly two weeks ago, the new version of Inform (coding language/compiler) came out for Windows.  It then took about a week to get that patched to be able to run our massive game and a few days after that to get everything back in and tweaked, but we're up and running with all our pervy content once again.  At a basic estimate, we should be safe until our game doubles in size - we hope.

On top of reopening the locked content, because of the space issues, Wahn had been holding off on putting out several additions because we knew the update was forthcoming.  And once we were free of the space restriction, we both charged ahead into production and made several other additions as well.  So, in addition to having all the content back, we've also got a bunch of new stuff for you guys.

Dominick: The entirety of my content updates are branching off from this guy.
- Firstly, the Breederslut infection he induces now comes with a heat that can prompt a special sex scene with Dom guaranteed to knock you up.
- He's also got a new lap ride sex option and a random add-on to another sex scene when in Breederslut form.
- There's also the option, after several sessions with him, to be recruited into the role as beta to bring him more female canines - with recruitment scenes for the Female Husky, Pit Bull and Pink Poodle.  Be advised there are plans for an omega option with its own additional material to come later.
Images: While I've got a bunch more images from MFF that I'll be adding eventually, I do have a pair ready to go right now.  They are a rendition of the Megakitty by BushyCat and Dr. Medea by Candy.

Amy: The long-planned encounter of two resident huskies of the library finally happened. Watch Carl meet Amy, and learn an interesting fact about the two of them.
Orcs: You can now more fully turn the tables on Mul, one of the orc slaver brothers. Train him as your butt-slut until he comes to the library for a hard fucking all of his own.
Ryousei: The royal tiger companion got two new sex scenes, plus he’ll now have a reaction to the presence of Xerxes and Hayato if they are in the library.
Satyr Frat Party: The aftermath of the “Free Drink” event should now be open to everyone, no matter what shape or gender. Join the revels if a wild party! Drinking and sex, what more to want…  A satyress creature to roam the campus if you have sex with a female student while at that party - that's what!
Eric & Rane: There is now the possibility of a sexual encounter between (cboy) Eric and Rane, the blue oni. You’ll have to turn on the power in the library and bunker on first, though. Multiple scenes and a bit of storyline…
Images: New character images for Hayato, Harold, Valerie, Gabriel and the Homo Sapiens.

And as always, Strongbird's provided a massive number of little corrections, tweaks and typo fixes over the holidays that are all much appreciated.

Images - again: And another Patreon image with the Black Equinoid by Anymouse1968.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Dom (8/10) - Stripes
  • Sven Variant (0/6) - Stripes
  • Patreon Request - Stripes
  • New Orc scenes w/Mul (12/13.5) - Wahn
  • Bonus Time Poll (TBA) - Female (0/5) - Wahn
  • Bonus Time Poll (TBA) - Male (0/5) - Wahn
  • Open for Commissions