Sunday, May 1, 2016

Art and Updates

And we're back with another update.  This time it's mainly focused on graphics, as lots of new ones have been added to the game as I work on scanning, cleaning up and posting my backlog of art.  Below the art links, you'll find the new game content additions listed as well.  As well, not shown among the thumbnails, we also have new art for Janice, Nadia, and the Kangaroo, all by Anymouse1968.





- German Shepherd: This guy's gotten a revision pretty much from the ground up.  You'll now encounter 'generic' GSDs as well as a 'special' one.  The latter will start showing intermitently after thefirst few fights.  He's that one dog who keeps hassling you - but now you or he can eventually put an end to it by securing the spot as top dog.  Lose/submit 3 times in a row and he'll take charge.  Win three times in a row and you can claim him as a companion or drive him off for good.  The companion version has only basic content at the moment, but more is planned.
- Graphics Issue: There'd been some instances of incorrect art appearing at times.  I think I've isolated the cause and patched it, but please keep an eye open if any creature art no longer appears when it should.
- Bovine: The milk-thirst has been tweaked to make it a little faster to wait out.  It still won't be easy, but it should be a bit better.

- Razorback Boar: There’s a new bara guy in the forest, burly and just a bit dominant. You can meet him in the starting event “Razorback Fury”, after that he’s a roaming opponent.
- Ryousei: The tiger now has repeatable scenes with Xerxes.
- Orcs: Chatting up the orc mob (as an orc warrior) allows you to join in for a hunting competition – bring in new breeder slaves to advance your standing in the tribe.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Blanche - (1.5/6+) Stripes
  • Patreon: Alexandra meets G-Sheps - Stripes
  • More Hard Vore (0/10) - Stripes
  • Bonus Time: Bastet Scenes (2/5) - Wahn