Thursday, January 12, 2012

Infection Overhaul + New Content

There has been a major overhaul to how infection works by Nuku and myself after some discussion and various tweaks. Firstly, now mutation changes will randomly spread through a player's body parts and genitals, then focus on completing any remaining breast/cock/cunt modifications. Until a transformation is complete, there should be no gaps in the infection's progress. The Resistant feat has been raised to 33% effectiveness.

Breast growth/reduction was fixed recently, so there should be no more out-of-control boobage. Genital changes have also been similarly tweaked, but shrinking halts at 150% of the strain's target. This way players can still enjoy large cocks/pussies, but aren't stuck with them. Male/Female Preferred apply minimum size limits (of 4 length and 2 width) while still preventing growth of the opposite gender. Use One Way to keep them big. And on that...

One Way, Modest Organs and Passing Grade Chest feats: Players can take at most two of any of these. Pairing One Way with another limits one aspect while allowing the other to only grow. This way players can be more selective in their hyper attributes.

Recent New Content: Tentacle Horror update (more variation), update to the Parasitic Plant heat (who knew it even had one!), self-milking update (time delay and extra-milk for big boobs), another option for pleasing Janice the vixen (Herm Latex Vixen), another way to have fun with Angie (panther and tigress fun) and lots of little fixes as always.