Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Holiday Spirit?

My mind is a strange, twisted thing and after a suggestion from Haloeye last week for something to celebrate the holiday season, my brain rolled it around for a while and created something today. There is now a holiday-crazed, horny herbivore flying around the city, out to spread holiday cheer by spreading thighs with his yule log. He may not seem dangerous, but he'll wear you down and get you worked up so much you'll kiss him under the mistletoe.

** EDIT: Reindeer endings for Susan the doe have been added.
** EDIT: Reindeer heat has been added.

I've also done some new feat stuff:
Bad Luck - fun feat - 8% chance of a second fight & slightly raised chances of a fight. Additive to the existing chance of double-fights in Hard Mode.
Know Thyself - basic feat - Increased chance to hit against a creature if you have a head/body infected with their strain. You will also gain more XP from the fight. But if your cock has their infection, your libido will creep up as well.
The 'Booster' feats from the Hospital Quest now try to gradually recover their affected stats if they drop below 14, though at some physical cost.

Tweaks were done to the Hellhound endings to reduce overall conflicts. Special add-ons linked to this and tigress motel completion have been added.

The husky heat now has a clearer message whenever you are overcome by your urges, showing the name of the creature found as well before their victory message.

** EDIT: New variations on finding the plush toy added as well. Fixes to Nermine's bargain bin to reduce conflicts.

** EDIT: Kaxin, after a lot of wrestling with Inform, has created a new hyena to encounter while wandering around the city.

As always, other minor tweaks and fixes have been scattered about.