Monday, December 26, 2011


Back from my holidays in the darkest regions of Canada, I have returned with presents for all you naughty boys and girls. A bunch of new endings and touch-ups for many of the older critters in need of extra love. I also updated the description and transformation text for many of these to match the current format. Scattered typo and fixes all over the place, too.

New endings summary:
- Painted Wolf Herm - endings and stat update
- Pit Bull - endings added
- Latex Wolf - Two random succumb endings. Special hidden endings. Also, the Latex Wolf now has occasional urges that will strike.
- Pig endings. Currently identical for both for both Piggy (Philip) and Messy Pig (creature). 14 endings?, for with and w/o Philip.
- Ashen Breeder. Stat update. Endings vary based on gender/Sterile/They Have Your Eyes. Three random variations for every succumb category. 17 total endings to achieve with considerable variety!
- Skunk and Skunk Taur - both with and w/o the skunk pet for various genders. 24 total endings between them, though less overall variety.
- Rescued Candy/Sarah conflict fixed. Added Sarah pet and Philip ending interaction.

Let me know if you do run into any conflicts. Enjoy.

P.S. Let me know which ones you liked best, too.