Saturday, July 2, 2011


Alright, got pets done today, at least the basics of it.

Pets have to be tamed. The sample pet is pretty easy to tame.

Once a pet is tamed, you can call it up. You can only have one pet at a time, calling a pet, overrides any other pet you had with you at the time.

Pets can gain levels through XP earned, just like you!

Pets do not forget their time with you, which is to say xp and levels earned stay with them, even if you swap to a new pet.

Pets can't die, that would be too sad.

Want to try it out? Head to the beach, and bring some food.

Want to make your own pet? check out the code depot and scope out pets under Nuku Valente. The definition of a pet is pretty dang simple. Hardest part is creating a way to tame them. Pets that start tamed will not be accepted, unless they're tied to a scenario perhaps? That'd be pretty cool...

Anyway, rambling now. Check it out, bugs and thoughts go below.