Sunday, May 8, 2011

Multiplayer Mother's Day

This is for the multiplayer game:

Happy Mother's Day!

As a gift to the game for the holiday, in game mothers can now look forward to a chance of twins or triplets. Most births will be single still, but there is a small chance of twins, and a small chance of triplets.


You asked for it.
You begged for it.
You wrote angry letters about it.
You got it.

Go to your favorite training spot, type train, see those awesome new skills?! Those are crafting skills! Currently mechanical and electronics work(1 recipe each).

You can modify what you make with awesome modifier recipes!

We have two modifiers currently, poisoned, and basic spread.

Combine with the weapon we have and you have options!

But what do you use to make these? Not just creds! While you're fighting, you will gain salvage to assemble new things out of. Scavenging battle skill helps, as does crafting skill.

Want your two free recipes? Go talk to the friendly gent in the zephyr nanite workshop.