Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Nermine Upgrades Her Wardrobe

Say hello to the new Nermine! We introduced her to Puppet Nightmares before, and she was a smashing success, so we decided to bring her back better and bigger than ever! With a whopping 12 unique sprites, details written by her creator Wahn, staves that grant her most of her original powers, and five different and beautifully detailed outfits, she's taking Niflheim by storm with her sexiness, cruelty, and versatility! Can't afford her? Don't worry! We have a beautiful, free mini courtesy of ABD, Ignis, and Nuku. New players can sign up and receive it immediately from the following link! Anyone else interested can activate their e-mail updates or join our PN Discord to receive her mini free on release day later. Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful day, fellow Nermine lovers. New players, use this link: