Monday, August 10, 2020

FS News - July 2020

 Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for July 2020.



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Callidora: Intrigued by the activity within the city but abiding by the rules not to directly interfere, Aphrodite has seen fit to claim a willing avatar so that she might be able to observe and participate more easily. You can now witness this figurative 'Birth of a Goddess' at the beach.
Candy: As part of the Urik rebuild, Candy's scene with the orc has been adjusted.
Christy: After applying the spicy sausage to the red dragon, she he shall henceforth be known as Christopher.
Companion/Pet Rebalancing: All companions in the game have had their level, strength, and dexterity adjusted to match their size, body plan, and training level, fixing some oddly strong/weak stats that accumulated over the years. (Note: Importing will overwrite all of these adjustments with your old playthrough's values, so if you want to experience the new companions, start a fresh playthrough.)
Companion Overview: You can now use the new "Companion Overview" or "Pet Overview" command to see levels, damage and dexterity of each companion/pet.
Diego Event: A new branching event with several choice points was added, allowing you to experience a new trick thought up by diego.
Elk Head Reaper (Void Realm): Submit and receive your deserving punishment, or fight back and prove your worth. This male or female encounter will pose a threat that will only end with one of you as the victor. Special content for submissives, but a Dom route is on the plans.
Elven Hunter: The elven hunter has been expanded upon, giving him a name and allowing him to remember your previous fights, and how you acted when winning/losing. He will learn to like or dislike you, depending on your behavior. People who build a friendly relationship can start to take trips out into the city together, helping him scout out the place.
Eric: As part of the Urik rebuild, the introduction scene in which Eric and Urik meet has been partially rewritten, to match the new versions of the orc.
Giant: Infection will no longer change player's gender. Added a new facesitting scene on submit, as well as a victory scene focused on his front. You can now also collect his essence, a very rare ingredient that can be exchanged to craft a powerful strength tonic in the Hellfire Club.
Grizzly Bear: For vore enthusiasts, there is a new and somewhat interactive CV scene for players who lose to the bear while carrying a shrinking shroom. Only the strongest will have a chance to escape him before the worst happens!
Horseman: The Horsemen now have sexable loss scenes. They've been generally revised, too, with new infecting items. Use horse fur to become a Horseman, or drink his cum to become a good little Mareslut.
Jackal Alpha: Further submitting to the Jackal Alpha (more than 3 times) opens to new, kinkier scenes that will ultimately lead to the player being ready to take his hyper-sized manhood. For vore lovers, it is also possible to get a CV scene.
Killer Whale: The orcas have gotten all new artwork, giving you something to feast your eyes on.
Korvin: Korvin has gotten another big push of new content, with a whole talk menu for you to explore, new sex scenes, and a quest to explore his past.
Kyrverth: The growing dragon has been given a much needed update and players can now give him transformative items when he is in his final stage. He has also been given a myriad of small updates, and the time required to do his quests has been reduced a bit. His chat options and story have also been updated and expanded.
Milking: A behind the scenes update of the milking code has cleared the way for future expansion in that area, which will allow players to generate milk and cum items of their infection by milking/jerking themselves. (Only currently existing items are created, but that could expand to more infections in the future). Additionally, pregnant characters will be able to create a special item called "Mother's Milk", which has healing properties.
New Clothing: Find some red, white, and beige board shorts while exploring the beach.
New Tiny Weapons: Now when you explore the junkyard, you may find a rusty nail or sharp screw to fight with.
New Flag: A new flag to mark cuck content has been added to the game, so that can now be banned. Please have some patience while cucking situations in the game are identified and flagged. (So far, Alexandra, Amy and Darius have been flagged).
Spike: As part of the Urik rebuild, Spike's interactions with the orc now consist of two separate parts. The previous more predatory path only occurs if you treat Urik as nothjing but a sex toy, and there is a new much more friendly path between them if you treat Urik well.
Stables Event: Tired of seeing your name in the Stables' ledger? A new quest will give you the option of doing something about it! Written as an alternative to the Nightmare quest, this plotline will explore an alternate means of replacing the Stablemaster and ending his negligence of his duties. Partially completed with more on the way soon.
Tiny Tim: Tiny's smiling face can now be seen when talking to him and in some scenes.
Toron: Added "Tonics", which require the use of an item each time they are crafted, and are handed to the player for consumption at any time. They are mostly more powerful than drinks, but you can still only have one effect at a time.
Trophy System: A new system for combat loot has been developed. As a first test case, the orc warriors have been equipped with it, allowing for multiple and varied items of available loot at the end of a fight, of which you can snatch one (!) item - so choose wisely.
Urik: The big green brute has been rebuilt from the ground up, now including various choice points that determine your relationship with one another. He's also gained a talk menu bursting with interesting scenes, and there are a number of events that will come up when he's in the library. Finally, there's some new and improved sex options too. (Note: There might be some unexpected reactions from the character if you import a previous playthrough in which you had his old version. You'll want to start a new playthrough to avoid this.)
Weapon Rebalancing: All weapons available in the game have been given a rebalancing makeover in terms of their damage and hit bonuses (or penalties), resolving some under- or over-powered oddities. Special weapons will now be much more worth the effort in getting them.
Weapon Size Restrictions: As part of the rework of the weapon system, you will receive a more noticeable penalty on attack accuracy when you use weapons one size bigger/smaller than you. This extends to a big penalty when using weapons two sizes different, and you cannot use wepaons that are three or more sizes different at all.
Xaedihr: The demonologist has received some new artwork! Additionally, the Ancient Tome can now be found by the player in the Library after watching the tape acquired at the Hellish Trashpile event. Just look around, it will want to find you back.

Bugfixes and Balance Patches

Abyssal Edge and Xaedihr Enchantments: They now have a limit of 11 and 10 upgrade levels, respectively.
Alexandra: A small coding error that prevented her pregnancy from progressing at the farm was corrected.
Campus: A number of typos on the campus have been fixed.
Cheat Menu: A small typo has been corrected.
Darius: Some typos that stopped his store from working correctly have been fixed.
Dark Tyrant: The Abyssal Edge won't debuff him as severely as before. Killing him is not meant to be that easy!
Diavoborg: Entrance to Red Rock Lair should now only unlock through events, as intended.
Export/Import: The game will from now on no longer try to restore items to room inventories that do not exist in the game code anymore.
Giant: Nerfed his HP, level, damage and chance to hit. Defeating him should still be a challenge, but not impossible. Make sure you only face him around level 20.
Hellfire Demon: The night lurking red devils have been putting on some training, and are now a bit stronger than before.
Hellhound: The hellhound description has been fixed up a bit.
Mental Mouse: The scale of this infection has been corrected upwards a little, and the mention of exact size removed from the infection text.
Nadia: Some typos in her content have been fixed.
Odd Treasure (Void Realm): Unlocking the gate to the left path and trying to walk in afterwards will no longer remove the player from the Void.
Peculiar Summoner (Void Realm): The strange-colored bean will now drop at a high chance after defeating the Peculiar Summoner, as intended.
Tentacle Abomination (Void Realm): A victory should no longer kick the player out of the void. It will also properly push the abomination away.
Toron Drinks: Tentacular Slushie and Peculiar Liqueur should now have proper time durations.
Zephyr Black Market: Some typos that stopped this store from working correctly have been fixed.


Recruitment Drive

If you do want to join up and contribute writing, editing, programming or artwork, please do visit the FS Discord here and contact me. 
Note: We now also have someone doing coding support for those who just want to write, so you won't have to worry about that side of things too much if you can't wrap your head around it.

Writer for Hire / Commissions


Thanks to our new and greatly increased number of writers, we are even more ready than before to fulfill any wishes for new content specific to your desires. If you are interested in commissioning us, please do contact me on the FS Discord - then we can find the right writer for your project. The going rate for hired writing is 15$/hour.

FS Artwork

Here are examples of the new ingame artwork: