Monday, February 10, 2020

FS News - January 2020

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for January 2020.



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Alexandra: More fun is to be had with Alexandra at the farm now, as she'll introduce you to the zebra stud Nelson with whom she's had a lot of fun.
Dwarves: Raiding dwarven ruins was ought to bring consequences... After you've defeated the scavenger dwarf once while either he or you has the golden greathammer, new events will unfold.
Equipment: A huge update to clothing and equipment has been made in terms of adding new color options. A gender appearence or simply GA will decide your clothing appearence which will range from masculine, feminine, or unisex. These will eventually be incorporated into scenes to add variations and in certain cases confusion.
Equipment: Traits are now a thing with clothing and gear, while these won't alter your core character, they will eventually open up new ways for classic characters to react to you. The new Traits and GA are also viewable in the item description. Keep in mind that some traits will alter depending on feats or gender, ex: females may gain the cute trait, but males will gain the trap trait. Eventually the master/mistress and slave traits will also depend on the dominant and submissive trait.
German Shepherd: A new female counter-part to this enemy has been added and can be encountered during outside exploration.
Giraffe: The herm giraffes at the Stables Hotel have decided to show their spots - all of them, down to the ones on their big dicks. You'll get a full on view if you encounter them now.
Hellfire Club: A new NPC, Toron the Bartender, has been added, serving special drinks on the house. He's a demon with a lot of secrets, and will sometimes share them with you. Keep an eye out for him in future content.
J'Reth: Talking with the Draco-Mantis may now reveal a curiosity for gendershifting. Make sure that you have a nanite collector or are a researcher in order to help him fulfil this wish. Helping him will also unlock the ability to be a draco-mantis yourself.
Joanna: After the player has received her seed, the parasitic plant-girl will show interest in creating her own infection strain, and you might just be able to help her in this journey.
Koballoons: Some extra loss scenes now have a chance to trigger for players with Twisted Capacity.
Lindsey: The alpha wolftaur in the Zoo has gotten some snazzy new artwork to his name.
Mogdraz: The Hellfire Demon Boss now has two new repeatable sex scenes, and an introduction to a special slave sharing scene for dominant players.
Nelson: Previously seen mainly as part of the group of farmhand horsemen, Nelson the zebra is getting to be his own NPC now, once you've been introduced by Alexandra. So far, you can learn about his background and have fun milking him, but there's more to come soon...
Restrained Desire: This building used to be known as the pornstore and was turned into a home by everyone's favorite mousetaur Lisa, but things have taken a slight change, thanks to her sister she has learned the value of freecreds and is not afraid to make a profit while trying to survive. This store offers players roleplay costumes for purchase, but some of them are simply things she has encountered in the city. Keyword is "buyer beware".
TF Equipment Item: The cow-print cowboy hat has been added to Restrained Desire (formally known as the pornstore) This cowboy hat is perfect for any charmin' guy on the farm, be warned though that while this hat will help you embrace your inner cow-boi, it may have you squirtin' white stuff out of more than you would think.
TF Equipment Item: The cow-print cowgirl boots have been added to Restrained Desire (formally known as the pornstore) These cowgirl boots are covered in rhinestones and fringe, just what every good lil' milkmaid dreams of, however make sure people don't make you mooooon over them too much or you may find it a little hard to move around.
TF Equipment Item: The incubus biker helmet has been added to Restrained Desires (formally known as the pornstore) This helmet will help everyone become a predator of lust and begin their hunt under the cover of darkness.
TF Equipment Item: The orc loincloth has been altered by all the semen that those green brutes can't seem to contain. A word of warning even researchers may find that this item may alter them, maybe not by infection type, but by... size.
TF Equipment Item: The succubus biker helmet has been added to Restrained Desires (formally known as the pornstore). This helmet will help everyone embrace their inner demoness and release that vixen of the night that is just waiting to burst free.
TF Equipment Reward Item: In appreciation of Kernog's wonderful writing of Roman, two completely seperate rewards have been added to the conclusion of Roman's quest chain, each with their own infection type. Roman's gifted football helmet is the reward for helping him overcome his fears and change his teams views on gender. Roman's stolen football helmet is the reward for the darker route of betraying his trust and condeming him to a life decided by others.
The Pretty Kitty: The pretty kitty has now been transformed into a slightly different type of store with the introduction to the freecred system. While the old food option still exists for the bargain counter, a new route has been made available thanks to a shared friendship between both Andromeda and Larissa, pre-nanites. The mens and womens sections have been added, but the largest of the three sections, the unisex section will be added at a later date.
Urik & Spike: With the two of them hanging out more often, Urik eventually opens up and tells the lewd story of how he became an orc...
Wolftaurs: They roaming wolftaurs in the zoo now present their grey fur to anyone, proudly strutting onto your screen.
Xaedihr: If you're a male and bring him along when defeating a Hellfire Demon, there's a new way to have fun together with your demonologist companion.
Yamato Dragonesses: Like their male partners, these dragonesses have gotten some nice new artwork, and in three colors too.


Atticus: An erroneous linking had Atticus moving to the bunker and straight back again. This has been fixed now.
Clothing Shopping: The new clothing selections have been fixed, you will now be able to browse them to get various clothing items without any game-freezing bugs.
German Shepherd Bitch: Some confusion between an old version of the female german shepherds and the new enemy has been resolved. You will now be able to properly encounter them in the game.
Gorillas: The gorilla football players will now be able to be encountered again. Also, they'll properly recognize if someone isn't on their team (yet).
Hellfire Demon: The hellfire seed is now a proper drop item.
Import/Export: Players with excessive numbers of infection vials have experienced issues with restoring feats. This happens because the table that is supposed to save them gets clogged up with vials. I've upped the size of the table, which should mostly resolve the issue - but also, please throw some of the things away...
Paula: Her sex menu now has the typical "nevermind" escape option too.
Pretty Kitty: A small mis-linkage in the store has been resolved, imported characters should appear in the proper room now.
Restrained Desire: A small mis-linkage in the store has been resolved, imported characters should appear in the proper room now. Also, you will be able to navigate here now.
Spike & Urik: Some talk options for the two of them got mixed up and should be fixed now.


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FS Artwork

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