Sunday, May 27, 2018

Double Poll

Vote for all the ones that intrigue you.

Liam, a nerdy elf who is more than happy to offer archery lessons.

A tanuki enemy, looking to show off the benefits of his new form.

Audrey, a dominant centaur shemale just waiting for a new plaything.

Aster, a gentle giant of a minotaur who wants to get a job at the museum.

A chance encounter with a salamander who needs some help protecting his hideout from wandering ferals.

And ----

-Meet Merci, the human medic and researcher who came to the city to research the nanobot infection. This generous doctor can be found scavenging the city hospital, play your cards right and she just might throw a medkit your way, among other things.

-Wood Elf expansion, add a handful of new sex scenes with this elf, as well as a unique version you may encounter when running into any wood elf.

-Add Milo, a unique cat boy encounter to find while exploring, whether your friend or foe don’t let his small size fool you, he’s quite the dom in bed.

-Events expansion for the mall, add more events to the mall, a few choice encounters and maybe some sex scenes while we’re at it!