Friday, May 15, 2015

NPC Scenes and More

Having put it to a vote by our Patreon supporters, their collective support was put towards new NPC scenes, so we'll have a lot of those in this new update announcement.  While waiting for the polling to be complete, I did use some of that time to make the long-desired storage locker and add some other game features I'll go over shortly.  This means there'll be no more need to convert a far-off room into your personal dump - well, unless you're into that.

Micaela: The sexy Easter Bunny herm can now be impregnated, producing background offspring.  She even has an ovi-birth scene, should you be present at the time. 
Sidney: Completing her transition to female, she can now be impregnated, producing background offspring.  These children will match their mom's form.

Storage Locker: As mentioned, there's now a storage locker in the bunker.  Looking at it will bring up a menu of options.  You can move single items, all of one item or everything not nailed down in and out of the locker either through its commands (which the menu can list for you) or by calling up your inventory or the locker's via that menu.  These storage inventories aren't in neatly aligned columns or anything, but they work.

Game Features: Two new game modes have been added.  Like 'hard mode', they're meant to provide added challenge to the game and can be selected during game start-up.  They are separate from the scenario, so you can modify your experience with any or all of them.  There's also a new advanced feat.
- No-heal mode: This blocks the regular end-of-turn healing.  Healing items get a +25% increase in effectiveness though.  Currently, there is no change to resting's recovery.
- Blind mode: Prevents the player from hunting and from scavenging for a specific supply.  Instead, exploration has a significantly increased chance of finding something of interest.
- Vampiric: A new advanced (post-Hospital Quest) feat.  Recover some health, thirst and hunger after every victory.

Patreon NPC Scenes by Stripes:
Andrew: Another sex scene with the flamboyant wolf: player tops with onlookers.  The odds of his scenes have also been tweaked to promote better progression.
Brooke: An option to let the clubbing otter have a turn on top, coming with both a first-time and repeatable version.
Elijah: The option for his evil path has been made clearer, popping up any time the player has some demon seed and the 'good' cure does not go through.
Janice: Her posing mechanic's been tweaked to receive a bonus when Kristen is also there to help.
Lindsey: An oral+WS scene for suitably trained Wolftaur players.
Paula: The police station's naughty nurse now has options for a double titty-fuck and giving the player cunnilingus. 
Snow: An alternate version for vaginal sex with the hyper squirrel.
Sven: The snowmeow pet's scenes have been converted to a sex menu after his transformation is completed.  Also comes new scenes for the player receiving anal and for fucking the kitty in your lap.
Tehuantl: A new one-time heat interaction between her and Sarah.
Timothy:  An M/H and F/H scene for Feral Gryphon players with the gryphon breeder.  Also comes with new and modified endings for the Feral Gryphon based on Timothy and/or Denise.

Blue Bishop: 
Doran: The peculiar dragon now accepts cum and milk items for his body modification.
Orthas: You no longer specifically need demon seed for the F/F impregnation scene - any semen item will do.
Tanuki Coin: This odd little item will let you always have external genitalia even if your infection's naturally inclined to be internal.  Keep an eye out for any scenes/descriptions where this isn't working and we'll adjust them.  Pro tip from Stripes: Some of my brand new scenes will need adjustment. :P
Nullification Powder: A peculiar powder has started cropping up in various locations.  It will also be dropped by the Mannequins.  Using it allows you to reduce the size of anatomical features even if you have "One Way".
EDIT: We almost forgot one additional thing.  Two new drop items have been added: hawkman seed and pewter seed.

Orcs: Just added is an Orc foursome with Boghrim, Jason and Mul.

Patreon Graphics:
We've added artwork for the Donkeywoman to the game thanks to sponsor request.  The art can be freely seen on our Patreon page.

General fixes:
Ebonflame Dragator: The odd bug making the Alpha Husky image for this creature has been tricked into going away.  Hopefully shouldn't recur elsewhere.
Pregnancy Issues: Some of the pregnancy issues that were happening involving UB, Orthas and so on have been fixed.  Keep an eye out for any other such problems.
Typos: Strongbird continues his unending battle against the typos of the game.

Writer For Hire update:
  • NPC Scenes for Patreon (15.25/22) - Stripes
  • Stables (0/1.25) - Stripes
  • More Micaela (0/2) - Stripes
  • New NPC (0/3) - Stripes
  • Nermine (0/3) - Wahn
  • Lucifer/Ferals (0/6) - Wahn
  • Denise NPC (0/6) - Wahn
  • More Orc fun with Mul (0/6) - Wahn