Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Content Update

With everything that's been going on, it's been difficult to make an announcement on the new content we have been adding.  As mentioned, there's been a lot going on, but that doesn't mean that we don't also have a lot of new content for you.

First off though, some news:
- The material I previously trimmed has been sufficient to allow us to continue making some updates, so nothing new has been removed.  The compiler issue still exists, but we've managed to stay below whatever limit makes it go crazy, at least for now.
- To date the only material of substance that has been removed is Omio and her related quests, which includes Dan and Greg.  If you encounter any strange bugs or find that other parts of Kaleem's material does require this content to advance, please let us know.
- We'll be reporting in soon with more on our attempts to get FS into a new platform once we decide how we'll proceed.
- As you'll see below, Wahn's back to writing with some new updates and content.

- Alexandra: Quest content for Good Alexandra continues, first with a special reward and then a possible lead on dealing with the Automatons.  The fallout from the latter will come later.  The doberwoman cop also now has a sex option menu for your enjoyment.
- Icarus: The blue songbird's had all his content, from capture to sub and dom variations updated to work with the player as a feline.  There'll also be some new attic variations for feline players which will be activated in a couple of hours.  Among these is a rather gory CBT scene that you can opt out of.
- Sidney: Her NPC content has been added, giving her dialog, scents and sex scenes.  Added to the saveword.
- Micaela: The Easter Bunny infection she provides now comes with an egg-tastic heat that could also tempt you into letting the bunny fuck your fecund bunny cunny.  Added to the saveword.
- Alt Vore: New creature-specific vore scenes has been added for the Hermaphrodite Gryphon, the Leopardman and the Elk.  The latter two require some experience in voring before they'll appear.
- Lucy: A special sex scene with you as the Skunkbeast Lord has been added.  Somehow it'd missed posting it.
- Slut Rat Quest: The hint from the Captive Rat event has been made a little more explicit.
- Library Computer: As mentioned in my previous post, this has been reworked to allow a lot of extraneous code (like the password) to be removed.  Still no idea what to do with it though.

 Blue Bishop:
- Ebonflame Dragons: These guys are revamped replacements for the Ash Dragons.  See BB's Dragonpalooza announcement below for more details.
- Doran: The big dragon's got some new tricks up his proverbial sleeve.  Again, details in the Dragonpalooza announcement.

- David + Brutus: Some new material has been added for this pairing.  Something involving a ritual and hot sex, apparently... so good times. :)
- Ryousei: This new Royal Tiger will appear at the park shrine and then become a monster once you're above level 10.

- Continued typo correction eradication and other minor tweaks.  I feel kinda bad about how much he keeps finding.

- Artwork: Patreon-requested artwork for Blot the inflatable pony and for the Magic Drake have been added to the game.  They can also freely be viewed on our Patreon page.

Writer for Hire queue:
- I'll update this in the evening.  Off to actual-work.