Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Update Time

There was a bit of a gap in getting this announcement out.  I'd been hoping to get one last update ready and out, but it hasn't been coming together quite yet.  So here's an update on the content produced over the past month.  As a reminder, all dates shown are when they were added to the full-access version - check your download date on the right and/or the version number of your game upon start-up to verify what will be active in non-backer versions.
EDIT: A major correction's been made to male Christy's sex scenes and so all versions have been pushed forward to Oct 2nd.

Male Christy: More sex and a request for another CV scene with the dragon (Sept 16), which is then followed by continued CV (Sept 21).
Yolanda (Sept 21): Bondage versions for vaginal and anal sex have been added.  These might occur randomly if you've not yet had a bondage scene w/Yolanda, after which they are selectable from the menu.
Ashen Breeder (Sept 16): Male canine players are now the only ones subject to the potential of automatic victory sex.  Otherwise, male players will now be given the choice to partake in victory sex.  A second player victory scene has been added which will alternated between.
Bunny Jock (Sept 18): Male players now have the option to fuck him during victory sex.
Lizard Girl (Sept 19): Heat fixed to impregnation the player w/Lizard Girl children.  An update to make this egg-impregnation is coming tonight.
Fruit Bat (Sept 27): An option for a player victory blow job has been added.
Flesh Blob (Sept 27): An alternate player loss scene has been added, possible in either vaginal/anal versions, as applicable.
Flaming Lynx (Sept 27): A potential submit/submissive player loss scene for player loss anal might now appear. 

Corbin/Felinoid (Sept 30): If the felinoid is brought near Corbin, he'll sniff out that the cowboy is a cuntboy and will want to mount him.
Angie (Sept 30): Some small improvements in a number of her newest scenes.
Mul (Sept 27): Orc Warrior players who have mounted this orc brother before several times (when running into him on your way out of the lair) can now grope him in the main drinking hall of the orc lair and blackmail him with the fact that he has gotten to like getting fucked, forcing the orc to join them in the nearby locker-room for some hard orc on orc action.
Sonya (Sept 14): Sonya has now got an expanded set of interactions with other females and neuters, beginning with rubbing and licking, then leading up to her picking up a double-headed dildo.
Erica (Sept 9): After saving Eric and bringing him into the bunker, then convincing him that a pussy isn't such a bad thing after all... he will ask for help going all the way female. You can either tell him that he shouldn't change, or help get some divine assistance for that.

Blue Bishop:
Bouncy Castle (Sept 19): The inflatable comfy chair's received a makeover to now provide a bound state style struggle.

Egyptian Wing (Sept 15): A new sub-area of the Museum added that contains several interesting rooms and a new NPC.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Yolanda (3.5/8) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (3/5) - Stripes
  • Stables (1.25/5) - Stripes
  • More Magic Drake (1.25/4) - Stripes
  • More Alexandra (0/5) - Stripes
  • More F-Onyx (0/2) - Stripes
  • Alt male Onyx (0/6) - Stripes
  • Lamia (0/8) - Blue Bishop/Stripes
  • Orcs (7.25/12) - Wahn
  • New Angel (0/6) - Wahn
  • July Bonus Hrs: Mustang (0/4) - Wahn
  • Gorillas: (reservation slot) - Wahn