Monday, September 1, 2014

August Report

Alright, not a bad month at all. We did $480 in singleplayer commissions, which is 4 bonus hours. We hit the goal on the multiplayer, which is 2 bonus hours out of my pocket.
Advertising was enough to squeeze another hour, which puts us at 4 bonus hours for commisions, and 3 bonus hours out of pocket.

In terms of overall contribution, we shattered more records, with the multiplayer meter reaching over $4500 for the month! A big thank you to everyone who put in any amount, and keeping FS growing and developing. Also a shout-out to our new contributors, whose work is starting to show up in game. Which reminds, if you contribute to the game, shoot me an email at with whatever email you registered with on the multiplayer and I will hook you up with some subscription time as a thank you for your work. It's great to see the team of writers expanding and offering new content for everyone to enjoy.

Game on,
Nuku Valente