Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcome to June

Hey there.  Back again with another announcement covering our recently released updates.  But before that, we're into June and have gotten another batch of bonus hours as Nuku's stated.  For my part, I'm asking for feedback on what you'd like done with the hours I'll be handling, so if you have any ideas, please make them in the comments here or in the Suggestions Wanted thread in the forum.  Wahn should also have another poll for you guys soon and we'll work out a plan for the rest of the hours and let you know on that, too.  Thanks so much for your continued support.

And now on to the game updates:

Kristen (May 24): The final scene for completing her TF is in and live.  There's not much for her as a post-TF NPC yet, but I'll be getting back to that soon.
Snow (May 24): Updated with a sex menu to provide player choice as well as a new sex scene for submissive players.
Stella (May 24): Given a new sex scene option for submissive players.  Also tweaked her dialog to provide a reminder of the option to 'move' her.
Amazonian (May 25): A set of WS scenes for player loss/submit against this warrior woman.
Jimmy (May 25): An anal scene variation for fucking the cute corgi.  Please note, at present, this will only occur if the player fucked him during the police station repairs task for Alexandra.  General access will come later in the quest line.
Inventory (May 25): Building upon Nuku's inventory adjustments, players can now choose at game start how many columns they'd like the inventory display to have.  Set it at the start or change it in game by using set columns or set inventory.
Mah Pillz (May 25): Building a suggestion made in the past, I've added a pair of new, rare drop items, the estrogen pill and the estosterogen pill, for rapid female and herm transformations respectively.  The Twisted Pimp and Greek Nymph carry for former while the Amazonian and the Dark Elf carry the latter.  The testosterone pill has also been slightly tweaked for improved function.
Pirate Shark (May 27): A player victory scene is now possible for male players fast enough to catch the shark before it can escape.
Leonard (June 2): A new den event variation for random walk-in lion-on-maid action.

Chris the orc (June 1): Chris is now a bit more talkative and has varied things to say, depending on his normal/breeder/warrior state.
Fiona the catgirl (May 31): if you fuck one of the street catgirls in the warehouse district 3 or more times, she will follow you home. After that, she will appear in events when arriving at the library or coming out of the bunker - whenever she is horny and wants some fun. There are alternate scenes where Fang 'deals' with this intruder, and also one where Carl shows some interest in Fiona.
Aelias Lair (May 29): After already having given the player a silk hammock as a present, Aelias will now invite them to just stay in his lair as long as they want in the following meeting [Spider's Web nav point]. He's now a full npc at that location, with a sex menu having six different scenes.
Chris the orc (May 29): Players can now give Chris orc cum and orc brew, then talk him into drinking it, which transforms him into a breeder/warrior. Such a transformation can also happen if he gets a belly-full directly from an orc's cock in the new blowjob sex scene.

Songbird continues his extermination campaign against the typo bugs, updating dozens more files over the course of the past week and a half.

Writer For Hire update:
Given the continued growth of my work queue, I'll be taking no more new requests until I manage to clear away at least half of my remaining workload.  The growing list is getting daunting and I do not wish to leave more people waiting while I get caught up.  If you were already talking with me about a request, that'll be fine, but otherwise please be patient, as I hope to open back up again soon.  As well, you can inquire with Wahn, Blue Bishop or Nuku and see if they're willing to handle your request.
  • More Kristen (8.5/13)
  • Bubble/Leonard/Artemis (5.25/7)
  • Drake Sorceress (6.5/10) 
  • Raven NPC (0/14)
  • Zigor finale (0/4)
  • Frank (0/7)
  • GSD squad (0/8) 
  • Alexandra (0/3) 
  • Male Christy (0/11)
  • Bonus Hours (0/4) - Open Suggestions - Stripes
  • Orc Expansion (1.85/10) - Wahn
  • May Bonus Hours (0/3.5) - Wahn