Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mid-June Update

I'm back to let you know about the new content and updates we've made since the start of the month.  While we're clearly having some issues from being blindsided by this recent update to Inform 7 (our coding language), we're still doing our best to make new material.  Unfortunately, it's reacting differently to some of our subroutines and coding tricks, affecting gameplay while we search for solutions, so please bear with us and report any issues.  That said, here's the new material we've added:

Magic Drake (June 3): A new critter, this hyper dragoness can be found wandering the RLD.  She likes big butts and she cannot lie... and she'll use her powers to give you one as well until it's big enough for her to fuck in the ass.  Player victory still to come.
Yolanda the Raven (June 9): A new NPC, this dominant Raven lives inside the Red Apartment.  Frustrated by those feather-brained gryphons coming around, she'd like to use some of her toys on the player.  More to come.
Kristen (June 14): A starting batch of sex scenes with Kristen (with variations for each TF path) have been made so you can start having fun with your lovely vixen friend/mate/slut.
Leonard (June 16): A new den event's been added to the post-quest content, letting you meet another of the lionesses in the pride.

Orc Lair expansion (June 10): The orc lair got bigger, with the main hall and a hallway west of that now reachable for players in the orc warrior shape. Boghrim, the most powerful of the orcs now is an npc in the main hall and you can also meet him walking in the (eastern) hallway, accompanied by his newest slave Jason. Orc warrior players can buy some fun-time with Jason for a pack of food. The other orcs in the main hall can be partied with (just talk to them), resulting in quenched thirst and loss of humanity. And lastly, there is a police locker-room in the west, with a locker ready to be looted by those who are strong enough to lift it from its toppled-over place on the ground.
Park Shrine (June 2): Received a description update.

Blue Bishop:
Latex Fox (June 4): This classic critter's received an update to his material.  Contains new player loss and the rest is polished up.
Naga (June 8): Another classic critter updated to expand the content.
Goo Girl (June 12): Also updated, making a separate set of scenes for both player loss and victory.\

Songbird has continued his campaign against the typo bugs.
RedClawx has joined the team trying to help us get up and running with this newest version of Inform. 

Writer For Hire update:
I'm still on hold from new requests, but the rest of the team is still open for Writer for Hire requests, though Wahn's gotten busy as well.
  • More Kristen (11/13)
  • Drake Sorceress (6.5/10) 
  • Raven NPC (5.5/14)
  • Zigor finale (0/4)
  • Frank (0/7)
  • GSD squad (0/8) 
  • Alexandra (0/3) 
  • Male Christy (0/11)
  • Bonus Hours (0/4) - Open Suggestions - Stripes
  • Amy/Angie (3/10) - Wahn
  • May Bonus Hours (0/3.5) - Wahn 
  • Good Brutus + Evil Elijah, Fucking Mul and Yatur (0/8) - Wahn
  • Brutus, Rane (0/20) - Wahn
  • Gorillas on the campus (0/6) - Wahn