Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update Time

We've got some new updates and content available for you to enjoy.  Also, the queue for Writer to Hire is almost clear, so it's a good opportunity to make your requests.

NPC related updates:
- Larissa: Because of the questionable voting, I decided to pick the top 5 from the list and make those, along with another one that wasn't on the list which I'd wanted to add.  Her new potential forms are: Red Kangaroo, Panther Taur, Bald EagleDark Elf, Succubus and Goo Girl.
- François: An option for M/M sex with the player as the bottom has been added to the options for the mongrel baker.
- Icarus: The subby prey bird's content has been continued with the option to not hold back during the sex scene up in the attic.  While I don't want to spoil it, be advised that this content is much, MUCH darker and there is an extreme violence warning on it.  Icarus has also been added to the save code.
- Campus Gym: A new location you can find with the Working Out event at the College Campus.  There's a new NPC here, options for physical training and plans for more stuff to come.  By UrsaOmegaEDIT: Activation coming soon.

Critter related updates:
- Spartan: There's a new event, History Lecture, available on the College Campus that stars these virile males.  By Wahn.
- Cum Girl: A new, gooey critter made of you-know-what and eager for more of it.  You can find her in the Sealed area under Trevor Labs.  By GentlemanB.
- Donkeyman: A new M/M anal scene for player loss against the kinky, bondage burro.
- Naga: A new oral sex scene for player loss has been added to the random possible scenes.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (7/15)
  • Icarus (6/6)
  • M/M Update (Stripes/Wahn) (4/4)
  • Bonus Hours: Larissa (1/1)