Thursday, May 23, 2013

Minor Improvements

We've got some more new stuff to tell you about.

Sugar Glider: A bunch of new content has been added for these sweet girls.  There's a new M/F 69 scene both victory and loss.  As well, there's two events showing them interacting with the Sugar Ferrets.  There's also special variant scenes for a Sugar Ferret player defeated by a Sugar Glider, and for a Sugar Glider player going to the Sugar Ferrets' CandyShop.
François: The adorable French mutt has received a few more additions by GentlemanB:
- A new, expanded version of the loss scene if you fail to defeat the German Shepherds attacking the bakery when you first arrive there.  It was written by a fan.
- Two new baking items, both resulting in unique and interesting infections for you to gain.
Poison: The Naga, Snake and Manticore now all have the potential for poisonous attacks.
Near-human: Thanks to Wahn, the range of possible forms that make the player appear near-human has been expanded.  This increases your options for gaining access to the warehouse beside the Junkyard.
Alexandra: A fix has been applied to her saving/restoration.  If you've got savewords with her in it, I'd recommend you load with Trixie and get an updated saveword, just in case.
Joanna: The kinkajou-plant hybrid has been added to the saveword system, allowing you to continue to enjoy lots of kinky fun with her.  If you've not met her before, she can be saved by finding the Overrun Garden event in the High Rise District.  Be warned though, it's a lvl 9 fight to save her.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (13/15) - in progress
  • Sugar Glider (4/4)
  • Icarus mod (0/12)
  • More Icarus (0/6)
  • Alexandra mod (0/6)