Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Poll

Wahn finished all the content from the last poll, so time for a new poll!

In other news, for those who have access to the patron code, I've improved the sanity saver so that it should work  better with bound states and reset your humanity during them. Go, vote! And thank you all for supporting the game.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Potential Writer?

It's true! Already put into the game.

As the push says:  New Lilith scene - Tease and forced oral

Examine, consider, let us know how it is!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Writer for Hire Update

We have our first submission, submitted properly through git (plus! Big plus)

As the git push itself says, "
Hermaid defeat scene for males with More Anal

Give it a try, and submit your thoughts below. Are they on the right track?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Minor Bugfixes

We don't get enough of these little fixes.

Feral shaftbeasts had a cock desc that was so long it was very silly in the middle of other scenes. You shove your ONE HUNDRED WORD THESIS member into...

This is fixed.

When searching for treasure, and having already found it, it failed silently. Now it helpfully informs you that you already found the treasure.

Thanks for the issue reports on the git and it's a pleasure to close them with fixes.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are You a Writer?

Just tossing this out there for any creative, perverted, sorts out there. Are you a writer? We do have room for more talented sorts around here, and this game is published publically to see, consider, add to, and such. The language we use is far more human-readable than C or Javascript or much anything else, so have a peek and consider.

Our Git:

If you want to add to this great game, give me a prod and we can give you a test run. There's even money potentially in it if it works out.

Thanks one and all, writers, players, and everyone else.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FS News March 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for this month.


Bunker: The bunker and library have been spruced up a bit, giving them new and more elaborate descriptions, as well as two additional rooms down below. The showers should provide a nice setting for wet and wild scenes as possible future expansions.
Carl: He won't be humping Candy nonstop anymore now - there is just a 20% chance for their scene to come up from now on.
Corbin: The trans horseman's first kid should now have the proper species, fitting for the player if he's the father.
David: The soldier can now run into Ryousei if you get both of them in the bunker. There is a meeting event plus a followup.
Eric: He can now get to meet Ryousei in the bunker. Additionally, Eric can also fall prey to Fang if you don't stop the horny wolf (complete with dealing with the aftermath in his ending).
Farmhands: To build up to the upcoming horseman gangbang, there is a new fun event on the farm where you can watch a farmhand showering (and showing off).
Graphics: Lots of new pictures in FS, as well as showing headshots of various npc when you talk to them.
Korvin: The doggie should now be straightened out and be working in all his scenes. Have fun catching and collaring him.
Misc: Small Fixes in Denise, Finn, Amy, Homo Sapiens, Mul, Thomas
Orc Lair: The orc lair is now accesible for players with the "Dominant" feat too - after they deliberately say they want to go in.
Soldiers/Minotaur: There are two new events in the exploration area around the library you can enjoy, both of which deal with soldiers that set out from Camp Bravo. The event names to watch out for are "Dangerous Load" and "Lone Soldier".
Savewords: Sarah's new sane state has been added to the saveword system.
Zoo: The zoo has a new event about the "Circle of Life" and how it plays out in the FS universe... watch what happens when a lion runs down a gazelle.


The recent poll had as the two highest voted options farmhand gangbang action for the farm as well as more varied interactions between the bunker npcs. Thanks everyone for voting and I hope you'll enjoy what I come up with.

Writer for Hire:

Stripes - TBD
Wahn - Bonus Hours (1.5 / 5h) - Confident Sven

Wahn - Patreon Hours - Farmhand Hosemen scenes (0.5 / 5h)  

New Artwork:

We got a number of new sexy pieces of artwork this month:

First up some very nicely done 3D art by the talented Obieblu (Commission Info):

This here is Monty, whom you can meet in the new "Lone Soldier" event. 
(I do hope he'll be met with approval so that further scenes become a possibility. Here are some ideas for that:)

Next up is the now completed FS orc tribe (and a few others, for scale and whatnot), brought to you thanks to the skillful and talented Kupo Klein (Commission Info)

From left to right: Mul, Koghh, Yatur, Eric, Urik, Orbul, Boghrim, Jason, Toven, Kellan (the pixie), Chris, Matthias and Theo (the ettin)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New monthly poll

With the old poll's results being live in the game, it's time for a new one!

Head on over here:

Vote! Vote on all the scenes you like. Top two will get 5 hours each, like the last poll.