Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two votes?!

This month is burning hot in more ways than one, with two writer polls running concurrently over on the Patreon. Get on over there to: and cast your vote for what Wahn and Defth will be writing for your gaming pleasure and thank you all for contributing to the continued growth of the game!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

FS News May 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for May.This month, two new writers have submitted some content to enrich the game, so everyone give a warm welcome to Defth and Aureas Gigas.


Alexandra: Players that have some shrinking shrooms can now enjoy some (soft) vore scenes with the sexy doberwoman.
Bunker: The shower room in the bunker can now be used by npcs if the power has been turned on. So far, sane Sarah has a scene in which you can walk in on her showering and have a peek, but this opens up the opportunity for future scenes - just watching or with the player having wet and wild fun.
Carl: The husky now has a talk menu and can be told about the working showers in the bunker, prepping him for more fun in that direction. Also, his pairing with Eric has gotten a few pictures to go with it.
Christy: Pregnant Christy has some new artwork to show.
Female Orc: A fierce and proud female orc is in the works for the dry plains - you can't meet her yet, but you can look forward to battling her into submission.
Forest Events: There are now several new events in the city forest, dealing with amorous cuckoos, an abandoned sandwich shop and a muscular tigress and a thief who wants to steal supplies from her.
Imp: These tiny terrors have new ingame art now.
Incubus: The incubus has all new ingame art now, showing himself from a sexy side.
Library: The bunker and library are now connected in an up/down fashion. You can still use inside/outside too.
Nermine: The bargain bin should no longer be able to lower your hp below 1.
Ryousei: The friendly tiger has gotten several new scenes, filling out his sex menu. Also, he now resides in the library any time you don't have him along as your companion, and as a resident, he can make friendly contact with Eric and hang out with him, as well as do Tai Chi.
Sidney: Otter-form Sidney now has some new artwork to show.
Shrinking Shrooms: There are now more adventures for players that carry the shrinking mushrooms. In the event "little trouble", you can explore a damaged chinese restaurant and get into all sorts of trouble (ub/vore options available).
Succubus: The sexy demons have all new ingame art now, showing themselves from a sexy side. Susan the Deer: She's gotten some updates and fixes again this month.
Tenvale College: A new event has been added to the college campus, leading you to the Course Advisors offices  in the adminisatration building. Interesting things happen as you sit down and Wait Your Turn.
Typo Hunt: Thanks to a very helpful FS fan (Genesis1016), numerous typos have been eliminated. We rely on you players to report any errors you find, so please do a quick post on the forum if you do.
Urik: The big orc now has another scene of sexy time with Eric, breeding the teen's ass.
Various Pictures: A number of pictures have been size-adjusted to allow all of them to be displayed without overfilling your screen.

Writer for Hire:

Defth - Patreon Poll - Taurus (1/5h)
Defth - Patreon Poll - Shower Scenes (0/5h)
Wahn - Patreon Commission - Female Orc (5,25/10h)
Wahn - June Patreon Poll Picks (to be announced)
Wahn - Bonus Hours (1.5 / 5h) - Confident Sven


 I am happy to show off some new artwork for FS, in this case Bad Alexandra, drawn by Lytta (Commission Info)

Also by Lytta, Carl and Eric:

Next up is Urik the orc, drawn by the skillful and talented Kupo Klein (Commission Info)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

FS News April 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for April.


Alexandra: If you allowed Fang to breed the bad dobie bitch, earning you the 'cuckold' feat, Alexandra will continue to fuck around with the wolf. As a followup, she can even go for (good) Brutus if you have him along as you enter the library - using the player as a clothes attendant while she gets a demonic fucking.
Chris the Orc: Orc Warrior Chris has all new scenes for being dominant over the player. They are unlocked by letting him fuck you a few times.
Danny the Mall Rat: Danny has a new quest for you - a photo safari. If you help him out, this unlocks his well-filled sex menu. (The quest becomes available after you've been in the christmas village at least once)
Eric Fix: Added in a missing variable adjustment so Eric should chat without bugs now.
Giant Fix: There should no longer be impregnation prompts after oral sex with the giant now.
Giraffe Gender Pronouns Fix: The giraffe should now have the proper female pronouns.
Gorilla Football Team: There is now a quest to try out for the team, allowing you either to make it or become laundry/water boy/girl for the gorillas.
Grizzly Description Fix: Grizzly's will now actually wear ragged pants so they can take them off in the sex scenes.
Horseman Farmhands: The horsemen workers (mostly anthro Clydesdale Studs, but also some other breeds and even a Zebra) on the farm now can be taken up on having sexy times with them. Includes a fun bukkake scene and a full-on gangbang. You can also peek in through a window from the central farm square and see one guy showering.
Hungry Dog: We now have a man-eating giant German Shepherd in the city. Meet him in a special event for vore enthusiasts (extra content in combination with the shrinking shrooms - see below).
Shrinking Shrooms: There is now a little mushroom cave to be found, allowing players to pick shrinking mushrooms - which will reduce anyone eating them temporarily to about 3-4 inches of height. This opens up new possibilities for those of you interested in size difference, vore or unbirth scenes. If someone wants to commission such fun with a partner of their choice (or join up and write it themselves), the shrooms allow scenes pretty much anywhere and with anyone now.
Susan the Deer: Now the deer won't just run away if you have the female preferred listed in your feats. She also now has a proper sex menu, with extra new options to turn her into a more buck-like version herself and have the doe as the top.
Tentacle Horror Fix: Getting pregnant after a tentacle encounter should now lead to a more "normal" pregnancy with tentacle spawn.
Urik: The big green brute now has a new sex scene - you can bone him from behind (both in the library as well as the orc lair).

Writer for Hire:

Defth - Patreon Commission - Husky Vore (0/8h)
Defth - Patreon Commission - Alexandra Soft Vore (0/4h)
Wahn - Patreon Hours - Bunker/Library Interactions (0/5h)
Wahn - Patreon Hours - Ryousei Sex Scenes (0/5h)
Wahn - Patreon Commission - Female Orc (0/4h)
Wahn - Bonus Hours (1.5 / 5h) - Confident Sven

Friday, May 5, 2017

Defth's First Poll

It's time for a new patron poll for what gets added, and our newest writer is the one that'll be doing it. Say hello to Defth, then vote on what he'll be working on over here!

Not a patron? Just $1/month lets you vote in this poll right now and helps support the game!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Poll

Wahn finished all the content from the last poll, so time for a new poll!

In other news, for those who have access to the patron code, I've improved the sanity saver so that it should work  better with bound states and reset your humanity during them. Go, vote! And thank you all for supporting the game.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Potential Writer?

It's true! Already put into the game.

As the push says:  New Lilith scene - Tease and forced oral

Examine, consider, let us know how it is!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Writer for Hire Update

We have our first submission, submitted properly through git (plus! Big plus)

As the git push itself says, "
Hermaid defeat scene for males with More Anal

Give it a try, and submit your thoughts below. Are they on the right track?